The International Cat Fanciers' Association, Inc. Rolandus Union International (ICFA RUI, Ukraine) has been registered as an international public organization. ICFA RUI incorporates clubs and associations interested in utilizing the best traditions and achievements of the world felinology. This idea has been implemented by RUI in the Open Championship of Ukraine, consisting of a number of shows arranged throughout Ukraine.
For already ten years the Open Championship has been gathering breeders and cat owners from various felinological systems who orient themselves at present-day types of breeds and world tendencies in the development of felinology.
ICFA RUI works in close cooperation with the Cat Fanciers' Association, Inc. (CFA, USA).
The unified RUI's program of training the judges corps is focused on preparation of the judges corps ICFA RUI and professional development breeders.
Every year RUI publishes RUI Yearbook based on the results of the ICFA Championship. It is a full-colored, A4 format edition with 100-120 pages in it. All RUI Yearbooks publish leading Ukrainian and foreign felinologists' exclusive articles dealing with practically all sections of felinology: cat's history, felinological systems, show rules, judging cat shows, cat breeds and standards, building-up catteries, breeding, genetics, veterinary medicine, cats management (care, nutrition, grooming).
RUI's central office is located in the central part of Kyiv with a very convenient road junction.

The ICFA RUI keeps the unified register of pedigree documentation, issues international standard pedigrees and certificates.
At the Association's central office cat fanciers have got the possibility:
  • to get an opinion on pedigree breeding issues, to have veterinary dietitian's consultation, to get advices on cat care and management,
  • to purchase professional feed, cosmetics, animals' accessories, RUI annuals, books, magazines.
A wide introduction and utilization of the unified corporative attributes have led to recognition and, hence, to repute in the world of felinology. Owing to the organization's professional activities our logo long ago became a symbol of reliability and quality.
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