CFA shows
Rolandus Cat Club, the CFA's club is the only felinological organization in Ukraine that arranges and holds CFA shows. The unified ICFA RUI's program of training judges corps has been taken into consideration by the CFA's central office. ICFA RUI's judges are guest-judges of the CFA.
Any show is a cat fanciers' holiday that includes demonstration of cats and their judgment. You can familiarize yourself with CFA Show Rules at the CFA's official site or with Russian version of show regulations from CFA Show Rules at our site.
Several rings, as a rule, function simultaneously at CFA Cat Shows. Over the last years Rolandus Cat Club holds the only 8-rings CFA Cat Shows in Europe, what makes cats competition more exiting and effective. Owing to 8 judges working at the show promising cats have got the chance to make a giddy carrier in the shortest period of time. They not only win the Grand Champion title at this, but also score maximum points to compete for higher awards.
Surprisingly logical, well-thought-out, eye-catching and harmonious world of CFA Cat Shows creates a unique show atmosphere of direct involvement of all those present during judgment and in the course of the competition.
Holding CFA Cat Shows, involving leading judges in rings judging and participation in the show of cats from various countries of the world - all this makes the national felinologists' circle of communication wider, makes achievements of the world felinology accessible for them, allows to estimate the level of accomplishments of the national felinology.
Sergei Yarkovoi, a professional photo animal-painter, works at CFA Cat Shows organized by the Rolandus Cat Club.
The success of CFA Cat Shows in Ukraine makes an invaluable contribution to the development of international relations of our country. A high level of Ukrainian cats as well as a high level of shows organization make a reasonable contribution to raising Ukraine's prestige in the international community's opinion.
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