The International Cat Fanciers’ Association Rolandus Union International is preparing Yearbook RUI-2006 to publish with the results of IX Open Championship of Ukraine.
Full-color edition (А4) will place on it's pages photos of the cats that became winners of the Championship, advertising of the leading catteries, and also articles about cat shows, judging, breeding and breeds of cats by well known foreign and ukrainian felinologists.
Articles for our Yearbook are written: Peter Paul Moormann, Inna Shustrova, Victoria Nye, Betty White, Christine Ruessheim, Natalia Gfeller, Miloslava Slobodjan, Olga Rakitnyh, Ruslana Roshina.
Breeders have an opportunity to give a model of advertising (the size 170 mm х 125 mm or 170 mm x 250 mm, with the resolution 300 dpi) or to order its making, having given color photos (gloss) and the text of advertising till July, 1, 2006.
Cost of accommodation of the advertising block in the Yearbook:
1 page (170 mm x 250 mm) - $100 (or Є 80);
1/2 pages (170 mm x 125 mm) - $50 (or Є 40)
Presentation of Yearbook-2006 will take place in Kiev at ceremony of official opening X of the Open Championship of Ukraine on September, 16-17, 2006.
The application for placing advertising block is necessary for transferring to Central office RUI to the address [email protected] till July, 1, 2006.
Payment can be made by Western Union on name Rakitnyh Olga, Kiev, UKRAINE. You'll have to inform control number of the order by address [email protected]
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